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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what might be coming (post-dated pinned post)

Click on graphic to enlarge. This is post-dated to stay at the top of the blog. It will be updated as announced configurations change and buildings launch. The August 2014 tentative configurations proposed by developer Greenland Forest City Partners will change, and the project is already well behind that tentative timetable.

Islanders owner hoping for 150 events at new arena, plus upgraded LIRR station

Newsday's Jim Baumbach today offers Jonathan Ledecky reveals location of proposed Islanders’ arena at Belmont, including:
The arena would be located next to the existing, part-time LIRR station in what is now a parking lot outside the grandstand area of the racetrack, Ledecky said.
The new arena would host approximately 150 events per year, including Islanders games and entertainment such as concerts, family shows and college basketball games, according to Peter Luukko of Oak View Group, one of the Islanders’ partners in the development. Well, those numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, the Barclays Center was projected to host 225 events, but averaged 180-200 before the Islanders arrived.

We have to wait to see their market study, but presumably that total of 150 events involves cannibalization from the Nassau Coliseum, which wouldn't make Nassau County officials very happy.

Making it work

Ledecky told Newsday there would be 7,000 parking spots to allow for t…

From the latest Construction Update: modest amount of new work (plus relocated CLO)

According to the latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update (bottom), covering the two weeks beginning October 23, was circulated at 10:56 am Friday (appropriate lead time) by Empire State Development (ESD) after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners.

There's a modest amount of new work compared to the previous period, but perhaps more notable was a separate announcement that the Pacific Park Brooklyn Community Liaison Office (CLO) is relocating from the Atlantic Terminal Mall (625 Atlantic Avenue) to the trailer park located at 591 Dean Street on Monday. The CLO will continue to be open Monday-Friday, 9 am - 4 pm. 1-866-923-5315.

Why the move? Forest City New York no longer owns 51% of the mall, having sold it all to Madison International.

Also, though his name was not on the Update, attendees at the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation were told they should expect correspondence regarding Atlantic Yards fr…

AY CDC board members suggest that the open space signage might be larger (plus a board change)

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth (and the issue of middle-income units going begging), the project's uncertain scheduledanger on Dean Street, the Times Plaza revamp, and whether former footprint renters are returning.

Board member Barika Williams observed, "I’d like for us to think about the size and location of the signage" announcing the open space. "The advertisement for 550 Vanderbilt spans the entire block," she said, indicating signage along the Vanderbilt Avenue frontage of that condo building.

"These are relatively small signs on huge green walls," she said. "This is part of the community benefit of the project.... We don’t want to set up a way so you have to be right up on it to know that it exists."

The signage indicating rules and regulations is fine, she said, but there should be larger sign…

Yormark claims Barclays' loading dock is "flawless" (nah), says area has enough venues (so no Belmont?)

There are a couple of interesting nuggets in a 10/20/2017 Pollstar Executive Profile: Brett Yormark, Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment:
Q: You have a unique load-in at Barclays Center (with its load-in elevator). We suppose that there is a sensitivity for that to other buildings.
BY: Of all the companies out there right now, there is no one out there right now more focused on the artist experience, and that includes load-in, load-out... Barclays Center has a smaller footprint that has its own challenges. Yes, that one is nontraditional but it's worked flawlessly. When people come through those truck elevators they kind of look at it like we're high tech.  (Emphases added)

Oh, sure, it's worked flawlessly. Trucks stall in the street and block traffic, or they block pedestrians, as I described last week, and shown in the photo above
Just enough venues?

Q: What is the Goldilocks principle for New York? Do you have too few, too many or is it just right?
BY: I think it's ju…

So, four of 15 former footprint renters are now back on the project site (the rest?)

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth (and the issue of middle-income units going begging), the project's uncertain scheduledanger on Dean Street, and the Times Plaza revamp.

At the meeting, board member Jaime Stein asked about the status of the 17 households, formerly renters in the project footprint, who agreed to leave on the condition of being relocated back to the project.

As I reported, the households were asked to enter the lottery for affordable units, because the units could not be set aside. It was unclear, as far as I could learn, how many lotteries they'd have to enter.

Ashley Cotton, representing Greenland Forest City Partners, said, "There were a number of households that were relocated off the site and agreements made with them to bring them back… four households have moved back.. that leaves 11 more households to work thro…

Times Plaza open space revamp may come in Q2 of 2018

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth (and the issue of middle-income units going begging), the project's uncertain schedule, and danger on Dean Street.

A Department of Transportation message circulated in early September on Twitter (right) indicated that some promised safety fixes at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic avenue would happen this fall, including new pedestrian islands, removing dual right turns from Atlantic to Flatbush, and optimizing signal timing to improve traffic flow.

See graphic at right for summary.

That may be so, but the promised improvement of open space at Times Plaza within that intersection, which is a required mitigation under the 2014 Atlantic Yards Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, won't occur until the second quarter of 2018, at best.

Times Plaza plans

Attendees at the AY CDC meeting got an update…

Danger on Dean: a narrow street squeezes vehicles toward bicycle lane; illegal parking adds hazard

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth (and the issue of middle-income units going begging) and the project's uncertain schedule.

At the meeting, board member Linda Reardon asked the developer if they'd make arrangements to restripe Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, where bicyclists and vehicles share a narrow street that's been constricted by the giant green wall guarding the project site, and then further constrained by illegal parking.

"This is current striping," responded Ashley Cotton, representing Greenland Forest City Partners. She pointed to a screenshot in her slideshow that showed two cars illegally parked on the right side of Dean, "which is an ongoing problem for all of us."

"I find it confusing," Reardon said, because when "you turn from Carlton, on the left side it looks like …

At AY CDC meeting, no timetable for new buildings; will green wall be pulled back?

This is among several articles regarding the 10/17/17 meeting (video) of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC). Also see the timetable for 38 Sixth, and the issue of middle-income units going begging.

The bottom line from the meeting: there's no timetable for new buildings, no timetable for the project as a whole, and just maybe the giant green wall (right) on Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues might get pulled back.

Marion Phillips III, an executive at Empire State Development and president of the subsidiary AY CDC said that construction at the B15 site (664 Pacific) remains "stalled due to site access negotiations."

The issue is murky: a lawsuit with a neighbor has been resolved regarding construction safety, but either negotiations continue either with that neighbor or another. But despite the desire for a middle school at that site, there may not be a business reason for Greenland Forest City Partners to move forward on a market…

The Barclays Center loading dock: truck sticks out over curb, forcing pedestrian into street

Yesterday mid-afternoon, I was walking around the project footprint, and turned the corner on Dean Street, walking east from Flatbush Avenue.

I saw a truck aiming to enter the Barclays Center loading dock sticking out over the curb. (So much for that "seamless" function, right?)

When I got closer, I realized I couldn't walk around it. With the help of arena personnel, I crossed midblock.

The teenager below walking west on Dean had to step out into the street.

There were no collisions, thankfully, but it didn't feel too safe. The truck within minutes did get into the loading dock. There's just not much margin for error. And that corner near the loading dock will soon get residents moving into 38 Sixth, perhaps by November.

So now Site 5 (not ready) has been suggested as part of the Amazon HQ2 bid

Well, how about that. It's tough to build an office tower without an anchor tenant, so we shouldn't be surprised that, as part of the city's bid to host Amazon's second headquarters, the developer of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park, Greenland Forest City Partners, has proffered Site 5.

Reports the New York Times's Charles Bagli: "Next to Barclays Center, there is a site for a 1 million-square-foot tower."

Actually, there's a site that could host a two-tower project including office and residential space, as I reported last year. But it's by no means ready to go.

First Forest City New York must settle with P.C. Richard, which owns part of the site catercorner to the arena and has filed a lawsuit that's stalled eminent domain. Then there has to be a public process, run by Empire State Development, to change the General Project Plan to allow the transfer of development rights from the unbuilt B1 (aka Miss Brooklyn) over the arena plaza.

It's hard …

When will 38 Sixth (B3) open? Maybe November. Will middle-income affordable units get taken?

This is among several articles to be posted regarding the 10/17/17 meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC).

With Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park, most deadlines are flexible, we should remember.

Just one month ago, at the bi-monthly Quality of Life meeting, Forest City New York executive Ashley Cotton--representing the joint venture Greenland Forest City Partners--said of the fourth tower in the project, 38 Sixth Avenue (aka B3), "we’re hoping for move-ins to start in October."

Yesterday, however, Cotton told the board of the AY CDC that interior work at the building was ongoing and “move-ins are expected to begin later in November." She noted that the 67-space garage will be run by Park Pro Systems; as of last month, they didn't have a garage operator.

The developer is currently working on the "fit-out" for the health space to be operated by Methodist Hospital, and is working with the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance--t…

Before next meeting, AY CDC member suggests board has its limits (as does environmental review)

The next meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC), an advisory body, is today at 3 pm. See previous coverage of footprint renters, West Portal/railyard timing, and project/building/green wall timing.
When I covered a 9/27/17 panel associated with artist/activist Peter Krashes' exhibition, Block Party, I wrote about the tensions expressed in Krashes's paintings, as well as the onerous contract pushed on--but not required of--a project neighbor who wanted back windows thick enough to deter project-related noise.

But another theme surfaced from Jaime Stein, Director of Pratt Institute's M.S. in Sustainable Environmental Systems, who serves on the state-created advisory board, the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC), which first met in February 2015. The board was created as a compromise during a 2014 agreement to speed up the long-delayed affordable housing, but it does not have the policy-making powers once sought.